AJWin 4.0


AJWin is a PC based software for connecting, controlling and transferring data to or from continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) of various manufacturers.

Our product was developed in close cooperation with our customers to accomplish maximum flexibility and a broad range of application.

No matter which printer is being used in which production line, the compilation of texts will be independent of the line of production. All parameters will be stored in technical units to allow for a quick change over to a different measuring wheel without hassle.

AJWin is available in German, English, French and Spanish.

For use with network printers

The AJWin program can control several inkjet printers from one PC. The status of the individual printer remains visible at all times and a new print image can be called with only two clicks.

Example in use


  • We offer both phone support and first-time installation on location
  • Remote maintenance at any time
  • Help with data transfer from your previous environment


  • KBA Metronic alphaJet (C,E, evo/into/pico/tempo)
  • Imaje 9040, 9232
  • Inkdustry: CodeCreator
  • Leibinger Jet 3 and Jet 3 neo

System requirements

  • Windows 7 up to Windows 10
    Currently only available as 32Bit, but will run on 64Bit
Feature overview
  • Device-indepent print image design
  • Control of multiple printers from one PC
  • Simple management of print images required for multiple printers
  • Predefined fields for logos, bar codes, counters, date and time and other production data
  • Variable fields for individual database requests
  • Optional logging of text versions and production data
  • Optional customization of user interface