CIJ Workstation

CIJ Worstation is the successor to AJWin software for connecting/controlling/data transfer from/to Continuous Inkjet printers (CIJ) from various manufacturers. CIJ Worstation is still under development. We plan to launch the software in the fourth quarter of 2023. CIJ Workstation will be more comprehensive and faster compared to its predecessor AJWin. An inkjet simulator is also planned, with which you can optimise your production processes even before the start of production.

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The advantages
  • better support for current printers
  • in particular, improved integration of special characters through the use of Unicode character sets
  • better performance, especially when connecting several printers
  • and it is clearer in appearance and simply looks nicer.
System requirements
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10
  • Currently only available as 32-bit version, also runs under 64-bit