Public PGP Key

With date of March 3rd 2017, all emails of the iret GmbH are encoded with a PGP Key. The public key is available here.
The key fingerprint is: 91D1 E1A1 9D93 6A9D B053 7BA4 1CCD 9044 3AC2 CB0


Test versions – Latest


This program was developed especially for text transfer to the continuous inkjet printers of the company KBA Metronic GmbH. The software supports both the alphaJet Evo/Into/Pico/Tempo devices, as well as the older generation alphaJET C/E. Thus the AJWin software offers you the possibility to change over to the new device generation without any problems.

This demo version has the full range of functions, but is limited to a period of use of 60 days.


The CableDataConverter is a PC based conversion software for the automatic conversion of required data for cable production.